Case Studies & How to Use Them in Your Marketing Funnel

Louis Joseph
8 min readJan 28, 2021
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Since our bootstrapped beginning, we’ve been using Drift to communicate with and convert our web traffic.

Our company’s offer? Book a free consultation, get a free 300-word article for your business — no strings attached.

We signed 7 clients in the first month with a newly-launched website, Drift’s chatbox, and an awesome offer. We’re still using the same offer for lead generation almost a year and a half later.

Drift’s case studies convinced us their software would be the perfect addition to our lead generation process.

Having never even heard of Drift in the past, we needed to make a choice based on recommendations.

After our head web developer recommended looking into Drift, the company’s case studies sold us on it being the solution we should get behind.

Thanks, Luke!

But let’s get back to the facts.

Drift educates its visitors with success stories and you can too. But first, you need to learn more about case studies.

Let’s define case studies and explore how you can use them as part of your sales funnels.

what is a case study

What is a Case Study?

For starters, a case study is arguably the ultimate form of storytelling. Likely because these break-downs use real-world data to tell a story with a purpose.

Best practices for a study case may include some research. But the majority of that research involves analyzing cases in which your product, service, company, etc. solved a real-life problem.

You could show how a real customer overcame something by using your products or services. However, the key here is to make your case study easy for customers to see themselves; you want them to see themselves achieving their own goals or dodging potential issues.

Case studies are exploratory analyses of real-world instances. They give social proof of the success — or failure — they can…

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