Did Elon Musk Just Dominate with Content Marketing? Yes, and Here’s How

Louis Joseph
4 min readNov 23, 2019
Elon Musk shrugging off the damage he encouraged while unveiling Tesla’s Cybertruck. Robert Hanashiro | USA TODAY | Reuters

For everyone who doesn’t know me, my name is Louis and I’m the Content Success Manager at No Strings Content. Today, I want to discuss what I believe was the most effective content marketing of 2019.

Does anyone else think Elon Musk’s new truck’s failed window demonstration was an example of content marketing promoting brand awareness? I do, and here’s why.

1. Musk may or may not have targeted an audience.

Think about it. Who would’ve published the unveiling of the new Tesla Cybertruck without enticement from this stunt?

Some publications would’ve, sure. But the coverage wouldn’t have reached these heights.

After the bulletproof glass shattered, the fail was picked up by BBC, The Guardian, Forbes, the Daily Beast, Buzz Feed, and a score of other news publications; publications that normally wouldn’t have given such attention to the company. But this was just the tip of the target audience iceberg.

Hitting these news stations with such a “massive fail” attracted the meme-makers. With the popularity of social media networks so high, the use of meme propagation, video sharing, and statuses also helped guide the Cybertruck failure to the masses.

Even though Tesla is a known brand, this bad publicity is stimulating public awareness. So while this piece of content isn’t meant to convert into sales, it does an excellent job of boosting brand awareness.

While he may or may not have shattered the windows on purpose, one thing is for sure: everyone and their friends want to see Musk’s reaction to the fail.

2. He created a piece of sharable content.

Billionaire thinks his amazing electric truck’s windows will withstand impact — EPIC FAIL!

Musk created a “you’ve gotta see this” moment in this content. And whether it’s the original video on Youtube, an edited video, a meme, a news article, or some other media, people want to show their friends.

Even with the obvious negative association and Tesla’s stock price bombing (temporarily, I’m sure), the failure wasn’t so bad when…



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