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What Happened to Dope Magazine on Google?

Louis Joseph
3 min readFeb 2, 2021

Dope Magazine has been deindexed on Google. A simple Google search reveals the site no longer shows up on Google. However, typing “” will take you straight to the home page.

As a writer for Dope Magazine, I deeply care for this website and everyone collaborating with it. This being said, I know that it’s unsustainable for such an authoritative site to lose so much organic traffic.

Most of the traffic for authoritative sites — especially in the cannabis niche — comes organically from Google. So I figure this is a massive hit on the online cannabis publication. My hope is that the issue is resolved as fast as possible so Dope can continue its mission to educate people and de-stigmatize the plant.

For the average reader, Google deindexing probably isn’t a concern. So I decided to focus this article on Dope, High Times, and the value these publications provide to this incredible industry.

Dope Magazine is one of the most significant publications I’ve had the opportunity to write for. My time working with them has also led to me writing my first article for High Times, which has been a dream of mine since I first started writing.

I want to take this opportunity to discuss Dope Magazine’s “roots” — pun intended —…



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